Marvel Bearz - NEW XMAS 2006
A New Breed of Collectables

In a modern age where almost everything is 'designer', it seemed only fit that the humble teddy bear received a well overdue facelift.

Bearz Inc. are not necessarily a collectable for your traditional arctophile (collector of bears,) but are just as collectable as their plush predecessors and are now bred for all lovers of style, simplicity and individuality.

Bearz are born of simple vinyl plastic and have been emblazoned with legendary, vibrant and iconic images and artwork.

They stand at 5" tall, have poseable limbs and are displayed in unique, frosted, acetate packaging.

Ranges such as Marvel Bearz, Monsterz, Rockerz and Animalz not only make Bearz Inc. a unique product, but also an instant cult classic collectable and gift.

How Rare Is Your Bear?

In order to safely display Bearz Inc. in their unique acetate packaging, a colourful button has been secured into the back of your Bearz head.

Some of these buttons are rarer than others. For example, there are less bears with red buttons in their heads than there are with silver buttons, and, if you find a bear with a black button in its head, it may very well be priceless.

All buttons are covered with a safety cap, so, until you have purchased your bear, no one knows what colour your button will be.

The rarest of all Bearz Inc. badges - A Black Badge
Black : 500
A Red Badge
Red : 1,000
A Blue Badge
Blue : 2,500
A Purple Badge
Purple : 2,500
A Silver Badge
Silver : 5,000
A Gold Badge
Gold: 10,000+

Captain America

Larger picture 
Captain America - the America super soldier. Series 1, Marvel Bearz Inc


Larger picture 
Hulk -Bruce Banner's giant green secret. Series 1, Marvel Bearz Inc

Mr Fantastic

Larger picture 
Mr. Fantastic - Body-bending leader of the fantastic four. Series 1, Marvel Bearz Inc